CW500 Interview: Nadine Thomson, digital technology consultant and advisor, News UK

Ethical and sustainable use of technology is becoming increasingly important, both for the firms adopting and using these technologies and the customers this eventually filters down to. 

In this CW500 video, Nadine Thomson, digital technology consultant and advisor, News UK, answers questions from Computer Weekly's editor-in-chief, Bryan Glick, along the lines of: 

How can we define ethics and sustainability?

What do firms need to do to address the challenges posed by ethics and sustainability and put them into practice?

These concepts will be new for a lot of IT leaders, what advice would you give?

Thomson explains ethics is a call for leaders to stop being passive providers of platforms without thinking about who they serve, shifting towards becoming more responsible for the platforms they are creating and encouraging others to do the same. 

Though this isn't in any way easy, sustainability, environmental impact and social responsibility are becoming increasingly important for businesses. 

But Thomson warns ethics is not black and white - people have different values, so as many people need to be involved in the conversation surrounding ethics as possible. Building more diverse teams will help this. 

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