Rebecca Salsbury, BBC: Introverts and leadership

Can introverts be leaders? What about the role of charisma in leadership, and where could introverts get their hands on some? What’s an introvert, anyway - and are you one? Much has been researched and written about this subject - the myths and generalisations tend to persist and influence thinking, leadership development, decisions about progression and succession, and so much more. Rebecca Salsbury, head of personalisation services and deputy director of platform at the BBC, explored the subject from her own experience as an introvert, leader, manager of introverts, and manager of tomorrow’s introverted leaders.

Salsbury leads the software product development teams responsible for creating the BBC’s platform capability for personalising audience experiences and member acquisition. She joined the BBC in 2009, holding several senior roles leading digital product teams, ranging from consumer-facing products to platforms and services, including production tools and content publishing and distribution systems. Although her role now is primarily responsible for the provision of technology and technical products, she continues to enjoy working with and developing people.

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