Video interview: Environmental Investigation Agency using i2

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) uses covert investigations to gain first hand evidence of environmental crime. In this video, Charlotte Davies from the EIA discusses how i2 is helping tackle environmental crime.

The illegal trade in endangered species is pervasive and transnational and it often involves organised criminals.

It is one of the main threats to the survival of Asian big cats, such as tigers, leopards and snow leopards. Skins are demanded for luxury home décor, bones for medicine and tonics.

Working with the Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) she said the EIA has conducted many investigations into the illegal trade in endangered big cat parts and skins in the main demand country, China.

As she explains, the agency has been using iBase, a database and analytics tool from i2, the company IBM acquired earlier this year. The tool allows the EIA to drill down into information gathered in the  field to identify traders, their suppliers and gain a better understanding of law enforcement efforts to curb poaching.

IBM positions i2 within its Big Data portfolio, which can be used to help people gain a better understanding of what their data means. It works as a database application that provides collaboration and search capabilities to support of intelligence-led operations.

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