UKtech50: Marc Dowd on the state of UK IT

Computer Weekly has launched the second annual UKtech50, the definitive list of the real movers and shakers in UK IT - the CIOs, industry executives, public servants and business leaders driving the creation of a high-tech economy. The UKtech50 list will be decided by a judging panel representing every area of the UK IT profession – and this year we also asked readers to vote on who they think should top the list.

The judging panel has been chosen to represent different perspectives within IT – so each individual is acting both as an impartial and expert judge, as well as an advocate for their area of interest.

In this UKtech video, judge Marc Dowd gives his views on the state of UK IT and the role of IT leaders in the UK economy.


Read the full transcript from this video below:

UKtech50: Marc Dowd on the state of UK IT

Marc Dowd: It is important because IT is at the basis of a large part
of the UK economy, and as such, we need to keep
up with changes in IT, and therefore, we need
good leaders in this area.

The characteristics of a good IT leader are to simplify
a problem and to inform that can be well understood
by everybody. Also, of course, come up with a solution,
or at least back the best solution.

It is important because we need to keep on driving
the IT role forward. We need people to come into
this role, who will lead with innovation and
experience, to help us, as a nation, go forward.

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