Simply Business hackathon

Small business insurer, Simply Business, got its developers together for two days of hacking code at its London HQ. The two day event allowed small teams of developers to think outside the box, creating a range of applications:

  • PROJECT EURO: access your insurance policy details via mobile and share it with your customers.
  • EMOTIV: using a mind control device to explore how this could be useful in our industry.
  • PROJECT BUFFY: using location based publicly available data to improve the way Simply Business prices an insurance policy for customers.
  • SIMPLY ADDICTIVE: an addictive game to captivate people's attention - to educate about insurance and get people engaging with the brand.
  • FRANTICK: Idea to combat ticket touting. The team devised a way for people to prove that they are a fan of a band before they can buy tickets to see them perform.
  • SIMPLY SERVICE: work with businesses you can really trust. Simply Services connects all its policy holders to people looking for services provided by them.
  • RECRUITMENT TOOL FOR GITHUB: identifying similar GitHub users based on the overlap between projects being watched. 
  • WIZARD: Extending into a 'wizard' for buying insurance.
  • PROJECT FEIi: Presenting a more visual user experience for choosing, cover and buying insurance.
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