Influential women in IT: India Gary-Martin, JP Morgan

India Gary-Martin, managing director of investment banking technology and operations at JP Morgan

The importance of role models

Computer Weekly recently hosted an event to celebrate the most influential women in UK IT. We invited some of the top female IT role models in the UK to discuss the role of women in developing the UK's high-tech economy. This video is one of a series of the speakers talking to the audience of female IT leaders.

India Gary-Martin discusses the importance of being a role model and of women recognising they may already be one without even realising it.

In her current role at JPMorgan, India Gary-Martin is responsible for managing the strategic agenda for the 13,000 person Technology & Operations division of the investment bank. In India’s 20+ year career in financial services, she has held a number of CIO and COO roles both regionally and globally at firms including Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, Royal Bank of Scotland and JPMorgan.

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