Ian Cohen, Addison Lee: Skills crisis? What skills crisis?

The message from employers is that the skills of their technology workers are not sufficient to meet their digital ambitions. But many might argue the skills gap is a myth - Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman calls it a “zombie idea” that won’t go away despite being routinely debunked. Addison Lee CIO Ian Cohen deconstructs the idea of a skills crisis and discuss the new leadership and management models required to attract talent.

As group CIO at Addison Lee, Cohen is driving transformation from a UK-based taxi firm into a global mobility services provider. He joined the board of the iconic London company in the summer of 2017 and is accountable for all product, engineering and core technology activities. Cohen has been a C-suite executive for almost 20 years with experience that spans the financial services, technology, media, broking and now transport & logistics sectors. He is also non-executive director and board adviser to several startups and scale-out businesses at the forefront of digital transformation and delivery.

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Whether there is a skills crisis/shortage or not can be open to debate, but the main point is that most organisations don't know what skills they have, so they have no idea of whether they have shortages, overlaps, or indeed some skills that people aren't able to maintain because they're not given a chance to practice/use them.
Gartner have recently made statements on this https://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3869879 and encourages all organisations to start with "an accurate inventory of the available skills of their current IT workforces" as the first step.
We've recently released a Digital Skills Landscape Report which shows what skills are out there globally https://bsmimpact.com/skillsreport/