Claire Calmejane, Lloyds Bank: Digital zero to hero - mastering intrapreneurship

Opportunities to make the customer experience simpler, easier and more inclusive, cut costs and launch new ventures through technology became an obsession across any industry sector. At the same time, technology leaders want purpose in their careers as well as leaving a legacy to their employers. But this is not easy and action plans must be engineered carefully. Above all, executives must accept that success will be collective to the company rather than individually for them - this is the fundamental difference between intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, says Claire Calmejane, director of innovation at Lloyds Banking Group.

Calmejane is a leading figure in financial technology, and one of the only women in the Wall Street Journal Fintech 40 Europe. Hired in 2012 by Lloyds Banking Group to shake-up the old ways of doing business, she enjoys working on projects that make a difference and benefit people. She set up Lloyds’ Innovation Labs and worked with HR to set-up the Digital Academy to support 75,000 colleagues to become digital leaders. She is a lecturer on fintech and digital transformation at MIT, Oxford, UCL and HEC.

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