CW500: Sean Sadler, Kings College London

One of the dilemmas of the modern CIO is the ever-expanding need for data storage. According to research, 2.8 zettabytes of data was created in 2012 and the total amount of data will double every two years between now and 2020, the vast majority coming from unstructured digital information such as graphics and video. In this CW500 Club video, Sean Sadler, head of infrastructure solutions, King's College London talks to Computer Weekly editor in chief Bryan Glick about how IT leaders can better manage storage of such enormous amounts of data.

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Data storage is going to be one of the greatest cost challenges for not just NHS trust but across industries. The snoopers charter places an obligation for retention of data for long periods adding untold unwelcome costs to uk industry and government organisations. The proposals of legislators to accelerate broardband speeds to 30 mbs and more will see a storage costs accumerlate beyond ability to pay or store the likely volumes of data generated. The result or such legislative emcumberments may simply produce avoidance , relocation, and extinguishment of the relience of high speed networks in the UK. The BSC Consulting Group first pointed out this issue when the criminal records data base was first commissioned.