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Watch these video demonstrations of three of the latest security software products to launch at Infosec 2008: Facetime, Ironkey and Clearswift.

Clearswift: Alyn Hockey, Director of Product Management at content security firm Clearswift, demonstrates how one Clearswift product can control and prevent the leakage of personal information over web and email, to provide protection for personal data and help prevent spamming.

Facetime: Robin Smith of Facetime Communications Europe introduces the Facetime product which enables the management of access to web 2.0 and 'greynet' applications like Facebook, imported iPhones, and messenger services from corporate networks. For example, using Facetime you can allow employee access to Facebook for business networking purposes, but block your employees from wasting time on Scrabulous.

Ironkey: Chris Forgan of Allpoint Information Security and Steve Ryan, Senior Vice President of Ironkey, provide a walkthrough demonstration of the Ironkey hardware security and encryption device, available in both personal and enterprise versions. the enterprise version is compatible with multiple RSA SecurID tokens, cross-platform compatible, and will soon come complete with a 'silver bullet' to kill off devices removed from the company without authorisation.

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