CWwomen: Undergraduate and under-represented – Aberystwyth University

CWwomen: Undergraduate and under-represented – Aberystwyth University

Date: Jul 22, 2014

Hannah Dee - Lecturer in Computer Science, Aberystwyth University 

Undergraduate and under-represented

Women computing students are in a minority, in an undergraduate culture which has become increasingly “laddish”. What can we do to help them?

As part of Computer Weekly’s 2014 list of the most influential women in UK IT, a number of speakers discussed how both male and female IT professionals are in a prime position to encourage more people of all ages and both sexes into the sector.

In this video from Computer Weekly’s Women in IT event, Hannah Dee talks about undergraduate women, the current skills crisis in the technology industry, and recruiting skills for a more diverse base into enterprises. 

You can also read more about women in the IT sector in this report from Computer Weekly and Mortimer Spinks, or take a look at the UKs rising stars in the industry.

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