Women in IT presentation: Sara Gardner, Hitachi Data Systems

The internet of things is poised to transform the way we live, work and play. Smarter things and smarter infrastructure means we can be more proactive and prevent rather than react to problems. And we are not just talking IT but big impactful societal problems. Hitachi Data Systems believes the magnitude of that impact will help drive more women into tech, as Sara Gardner, CTO for the company’s Social Innovation Business Unit, explains.

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Yes, IT is definitely moving away from this image of "damp basements and pizza boxes". It's going slowly, though. I currently work in an office basement, on a team dominated by men. While it's not strewn with pizza boxes, it's one of the least aesthetically pleasing office areas in the company. I think that men don't tend to care about this, but I spend so much time here and I really, REALLY wish I had a decent looking space to work in.

I hope that IT work spaces will improve as IT careers become more mainstream.