Women in IT: Maggie Berry, WEConnect International

There are thousands of women in the UK with STEM qualifications and/or experience of working in technology but after taking time out to have a family - maybe having many years away from the IT industry—they struggle to return to work in the sector. The industry misses out on their talent and expertise and the women miss out on rewarding careers utilising their skills. Maggie will discuss some of her ideas about how the technology profession can embrace returners to work and prevent any further loss of female technical talent.

Maggie joined WEConnect International in December 2012 – she has lead responsibility for the management, leadership and development of WEConnect Europe. Her role involves developing corporate and public sector support as well as growing and developing the database and network of registered and certified women business owners across the UK and Europe. Previously Maggie was the Managing Director of womenintechnology.co.uk an online job board, recruitment and networking forum for women working in the technology profession in the UK. She was involved from Women in Technology’s inception in the autumn of 2004, and she continues to run the Women in Technology Network on an informal basis.

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