Women in IT: Jacqueline de Rojas, CA Technologies

Successful individuals in today’s IT landscape need to have two key watchwords ‘Brand’ and ‘Innovation’. Everyone thinks about what makes successful company brands – ethos, customer experience, reputation – but I believe that people should apply the same thinking to their own ‘personal brand’. Consider what you stand for, what people’s perception of you is and how do you consistently maintain this in all interactions. Secondly, we must innovate across all aspects of business life. IT moves too fast for laggards and luddites, we need to create cultures of innovation in our ‘ organisations and embrace the willingness to experiment.

Jacqueline de Rojas has worked in the software business since 1984. As the Vice President and General Manager for CA Technologies UK & Ireland, her role focuses on driving revenues, delivering shareholder value, aligning with key partners, growing market share & delivering value to CA Technologies’ customers. Prior to taking up her position with CA Technologies, Jacqueline held executive roles at McAfee, Novell, Cartesis, Business Objects, Computer Associates, Legent & Informix. A proven people manager, Jacqueline is committed to mentoring programmes & believes strongly in scaling her teams through empowerment, as well fostering talent through coaching.

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