Women in IT: Gillian Arnold, BCS Women

Understanding the impact of ‘Unconscious Bias’ is important to management within organisations which are trying to raise their levels of diversity. Gillian Arnold will outline the topic and how it can be introduced to the senior and middle management within a company to ensure that these senior figures, who wield the power to hire, appraise and fire, are fully aware of the impact of their underlying mind-set.

Gillian has extensive experience in the IT industry and setup her own IT services and staffing company, Tectre in late 2009. Most of Gillian’s early career was spent working for IBM in the UK and she held customer facing technical, sales, business development, strategic marketing and consultancy roles. She currently sits on the board of directors for the UKRC for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology, and is chair of the British Computer Society group for its female members; BCSWomen.

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It's time we get out of our 19th-century mindset. The tech industry is wasting a valuable resource and our education system isn't helping. There should be no toys (or education or training or writing) for boys and something else for girls. If we really want women in IT, we need something more effective than wishful, wistful thinking.