Women in IT 2016: Diana Kennedy, BP

In this video Diana Kennedy, IT&S director, upstream strategy and architecture, group information architecture at BP, talks about BP’s collaboration with Everywoman to promote science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) careers for girls.

The organisations have partnered to create ModernMuse.org, a platform where successful women can showcase their career journeys to provide young girls with role model and career ideas.

Diana also leads the Information and Big Data Agenda for the BP and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, a post-graduate degree in Computer Science and an MBA.

This video is part of a series of talks that took place at the annual Computer Weekly women in IT event showcasing some of the great women in the tech sector.

Video Credit: Tom Walker

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Absolutely right. If you want women in IT, it's essential to start teaching them when they're still little girls. Same goes for almost any field, any occupation, any skillset, both girls and boys. 

If real education has been usurped by special interests, business must pick up the slack. Just hope they remember that single-skill people are really, really boring and rarely an asset. .