Women in IT 2016: Damilola Erinle, Salesforce

In this video Damilola Erinle, Area Vice President for Salesforce.com, urges the audience at the 2016 annual Computer Weekly women in IT conference to increase diversity in IT teams in order to gain business benefit.

Damilola explains companies who have more diverse teams also have an increased profit margin, as more diverse teams mean stronger, happier and more productive employees.

Having worked as a leader in sales and business development for more than a decade, Damilola has led teams in world-class technology organisations to drive million dollar growth in international markets and is also passionate about supporting STEM education programmes for young women.

Video credit: Tom Walker

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Top drawer. I will be looking out for future talks

She makes some excellent points and I enjoyed listening to her personal story. I was also a smart kid who was quiet and reserved. I admire her success.