Video news review: Apple iSlate and Google vs China

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Video news review: Apple iSlate and Google vs China

Hermione Way: Hello. I am Hermione Way. Welcome to Computer Weekly's news review.

At number 3: Google having more problems with China, as the codes used by China-based Hackers Against Google, and 20 other companies has been published on the internet. Code that exploits the yet-to-be-matched Microsoft Internet Explorer vulnerability has appeared on at least one website, according to researchers at security firm McAfee.

Number 2: A series of botched IT projects has left taxpayers with a bill of more than 26 billion pounds. Computer systems have run with severe delays, over 1 million pounds over budget, all have been cancelled all together, according to The Independent. Hmm, I waste money all the time, but what would I spend 26 billion pounds on?

Inbox: one. Dear Hermione, we would be happy to create your marshmallow land and the chocolate sauce waterfall would be no trouble at all, but we might have some difficulty in making it rain Jelly Tots. Yours, Cadbury's. I mean Kraft.

Number 1: Apple is to make a big announcement on the 26th of January, with rumors pointing towards the unveiling of a touchscreen tablet. The tablet is rumored to be called the iSlate, have a 10 inch screen, the ability to run apps and e-books, and probably, according to Apple, can change your life forever. iPhone, Macbook Pro, who needs another Apple product anyway?

I just need an iSlate now. Anyone? Now, an iSlate, now.

If the fabled tablet is released, it is expected to be this year's gadget must-have.

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