Video interview: Fine-tuning decision-making

In this interview, Paul Michaels, CEO of business technology consultancy ImprovIT, discusses a methodology for modelling decision-making.

Virtual Modelling is a new analysis tool designed to help CIOs evaluate simplifications that can be made without jeopardising the business. The model also provides an estimate of cost, timelines and impact on staffing and service levels. According to Michaels, some of the question Virtual Modelling can help answer include:

  1. If I change Service Quality (SLAs) and/or ‘Service Scope’ what effect will this have on ‘Cost?
  2. If I reduce ‘Complexity’ what effect will this have on ‘Processes’?
  3. If I want to increase ‘Volumes’ or ‘Service Quality’ what changes do I need to make to all the other segments?
  4. How will this impact the enterprise as a whole?


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