Video interview: Dennis Pilsworth, CTO, AHL Technology

AHL, the systematic trading arm of alternative investment management company Man Group, has installed a 3m touchscreen display in the middle of the trading floor to provide insight into its algorithmic trading engine.

The problem with algorithmic trading systems is that they output log files, which are not visually interesting. 

"This project visualises data in real time. It's more iPad than log file," says CTO Dennis Pilsworth.

The 3m touchscreen enables users to touch a trade to see a real-time view of the market. 

"It turns our blackbox algorithmic system into something more tactile – real-time interactive data visualisation," says Pilsworth.

The "skunkworks" experimental project took four months to develop. The front end is based on HTML5 and uses Javascript JQuery to achieve the visual slickness people normally see on a tablet device.  

Pilsworth says the team developed software to extract the data from the algorithmic engine's trading logs. 

"We have a series of back-end modules that trawl the log files and use web sockets to push data through to the browser," he says.

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