Video interview: Andy Harter, CEO, RealVNC

In this video, Andy Harter, CEO of RealVNC, speaks to Computer Weekly's Cliff Saran about the company's remote access software.

He says there are more than one billion copies of the open source version of the software in existence. It basically works as a client server application. The RealVNC server software runs on the remote computer. Its graphical user interface (GUI) can then be accessed from a device running the RealVNC client application.

"The software gives you complete remote access of one computer screen from somewhere else," he says. The technology can be embedded in many devices, and at Mobile World Congress earlier this year RealVNC demoed how remote access could be used within an in-car entertainment system.

RealVNC recently introduced a plug-in for Google's Chrome browser, which allows users to access their Windows desktop remotely via a browser session.

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