Video: Virtualisation and cloud can boost security, says Art Coviello

Businesses should be looking to virtualisation and the cloud not only as a means of achieving server consolidation and cutting costs, but also as a way of improving the security of the enterprise, according to Art Coviello, executive chairman at RSA.

Many businesses do not yet understand how to take advantage of virtualisation technology, and consequently security remains a top concern in the cloud environment because of fear of the unknown, he says.

As Coviello explains in this video interview recorded at RSA Conference 2011 in San Francisco last month, there may be the perception that cloud is less secure, when in fact it is already possible for business to make the cloud just as secure as the physical environment, and in some instances, even more secure.

It is clear from the current trends that virtualisation and cloud computing will shape the evolution of security dramatically and positively in the years to come, Coviello said in his keynote presentation at the conference.

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