Video: Smartphone biometrics

Computer Weekly met a few start-ups specialising in mobile biometrics at a recent UK Trade & Industry event in London.

One of those was EI Technologies, which is developing an application for smartphones that recognises a user's mental state by listening to their voice. 

“Many people suffer from some form of mental illness. Part of the therapy for that is tracking your emotional state and being able to recognise what triggers you from being happy to being angry,” said EI Technologies co-founder Duncan Barclay.

Computer Weekly also spoke to Gawain Morisson, CEO of Sensum, a company that has taken technology developed for an interactive horror movie, shown at the South by Southwest film festival, to measure how people feel emotionally about a given website. 

“We developed a means to pick up audience emotions and cognitive responses to any media at any time,” said Morisson. The original wired concept device has been developed into a wireless sensor.

Julian Hall, director of another start-up, Skin Analytics, told Computer Weekly about an app it has developed which allows people to monitor skin tumours such as melanoma by sending photos of their skin to a cloud-based service, where the images are analysed.

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