Video: Revealed: The best and worst IT service providers of 2010

Interview with Lee Ayling, managing director, UK information technology advisory, Equaterra

Businesses looking to sign IT outsourcing deals worth less than £10m a year may be better off doing business with mid-sized service providers, rather than large systems integrators, according to research by advisory firm Equaterra.

Lee Ayling, managing director, UK information technology advisory, at Equaterra, said research by the firm had shown that the best performing IT service providers were not always the best for lower value contracts.

Click here to download a management summary of Equaterra’s IT Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction Survey 2010.

“There are times when potentially talking to a large American-based systems integrator, for a very small deal may not be appropriate. They may have the capabilities. But the question you need to understand is whether you are big enough for you to be important to them,” he said.

Equaterra’s IT Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction Survey, which questions IT departments on their satisfaction with a range of IT service providers, found that suppliers offering application and management development services scored the most highly in the satisfaction ratings.

The best performing organisations were a mixture of pure-play Indian outsourcers and traditional on-shore organisations.

IT departments were least satisfied with service providers offering large global contracts, particularly those focused on technology infrastructure, such as hosting datacentres or managing servers.

“There is a bit of a health warning about that because we have seen certain organisations such as CSC, although they are in the bottom quartile, they have made a marked improvement from where they were last year,” said Ayling.

Click on the video to find out who the best and worst performing suppliers in 2010 are, as rated by end-users.


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