Video: Juniper Research on next-generation mobile broadband

The arrival of next generation broadband will lead to a rapid growth in mobile devices - adding to the difficulty of hardware support for IT departments.

High-speed mobile broadband, or LTE is likely to arrive in the UK sometime after 2012, opening up new applications for mobile video and online services.

In a video interview with Computer Weekly, Howard Wilcox, senior analyst, at Juniper Research, said that all UK mobile phone operators were committed to rolling-out the technology.

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"We are going to see a proliferation of different device types. Typically we will see a lot of notebooks and tablets that are LTE enabled. The knock-on effects of that will be a big increase in the number of devices IT departments will need to support," he said.

C-level executives who need to carry out business critical work on the move will be the first to take up the technology. But sales and customer focused personnel who need to deliver documents and presentations to customers in real time, will also take it up, said Wilcox.

Mobile broadband will also be used by field engineers, who will be able to get remove advice on video on how to use and support remote equipment, he predicted.

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