Video: How to lay your own fibre network

There have been many calls for the UK to get fibre to the home and office as a way to catch up with its economic competitors.

Some say BT was well on the way to do this when the cable TV industry persuaded the government of the time that 128kbps over coaxial cables (which was what they could deliver) was broadband.

The cable TV firms were subsequently able to argue successfully for BT to sell off its local loops, the cables between the street cabinet and the premises, to ensure fair competition between them and BT.

As a result, BT stopped putting in fibre (why do it when it might have to sell it to the cable companies), but the cable companies didn't take up the fibre slack, preferring to sweat their coaxial assets.

In the meantime, which is now especially the case in the one-third of the country that is not covered by the BT and Virgin Media broadband footprint, residents were reluctant to wait for their Facebook pages to update.

Some have turned radical, installing their own fibre links. This video shows how cattle farmer Christine Conder did it.

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