Video: Google Goggles and Real-time search in Computer Geekly News Roundup

Welcome to this week's Computer Geekly Weekly IT news round-up video. This week's stories include details about Google's Real-time search results, Twitter embraces its developer community by opening up its API allowing revenue to platform partners, Google Goggles and Alistair Darling's budget cut.


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Video: Google Goggles and Real-time search in Computer Geekly News Roundup

Hermione Way: Bonjour. Hello. I am Hermione Way. Welcome
to Computer Geekly's Weekly.

The biggest stories moving across the web this week:

At number 3: Google has announced that it will be
adding a stream of real- time search content from
across the web to its search results. Will this validate
the value of real-time search? This is how Google put
its announcement earlier this week.

'Now, immediately after conducting a search,
you can see live updates from people on popular
sites like Twitter and FriendFeed, as well as the
headlines from news and blog posts published
just seconds before.'
No, not Granger, Way.
'When they are relevant, we will rank these latest
results to show the freshest information right on
the search results page.'

Hang on a minute, is there not going to be a 5-minute delay?
In real time, in real time, in real time.

Number 2: One of the biggest stories from the web
in Paris this week is that Twitter is actively embracing
its developer community by opening up its API to everyone.
The business model is to allow revenue to move from
Twitter to platform partners. Twitter developed
commercial arrangements with those who bill chargeable
services out of Twitter, so the ecosystem begins to
develop some revenue.

Nick Halstead, CEO of TweetMe, a company that
uses the Twitter [inaudible: 01:29] to show how re-tweets
are being propagated around the web, told us that 2010
will be the year that the real- time web defines its
revenue and develops its business model.
What up, I'm Jack Dawsey, and this 2010.

One: The chancellor, Alista Darling, has amount a major
cutting- back of this scope of this IT project. In his pre-budget
statement to the House Commons, he made very specific
announcements of what project would be cut or by how much.
Though the Health Secretary Andy Burnham has told
The House of Commons this week that 600 million pounds
will be shaved from the national program for IT. by cutting
internal costs, and reducing the scope of central contracts
of local service providers, the CSC and BT.
Male: Alista, Darling, my leg really hurts.
Hermione Way: I am totally sorry, but there is just not
enough money in the budget.

That is it for this week. I will see you next week.
Just before we go, Google has announced its new
Google Gold project, which is a huge leap forward
in the field of visual search. Basically, it means you'll
be able to hold your Android phone to anything, and
Google will be able to figure out what it is. For some giggles,
go and Google, goggle, gaggle, gaga, Google, goggle.

I am Hermione Way. This has been
Computer Geekly's Weekly.

Google, goggle, ga-, ga-, hmm.


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