Video: Emotion AI- changing the face of expression in animation

Emotion AI has developed a system that can change expression in a matter of moments at minimal cost. This video not only demonstrates how it works but also explains where, why and how it can be used.

Emotion AI develop technologies to automate the process of creating real time, personalized, emotional expression for avatars and characters.

Animation has come a long way in the past few years with games and films heavily relying on it to develop the next visual spectacular.

The one criticism for animation is that it can, at times, look unrealistic with expressions being the chief culprit.


What are the benefits of using Emotion AI:

  • Reduce development costs, integrate and start using
  • Reduce content creation costs, millions of behaviors available
  • Increase productivity, create content in minutes
  • Increase engagement, make an emotional connection with users
  • Increase personalization, millions of personalites available
  • Reduce content creation time, many behaviors fully automatic
  • Real time, full body, automated, personalized emotional behavior
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