Video: Computer Geekly Weekly - The biggest stories of the year in tech

Computer Geekly weekly video with Hermione Way. This episode looks at the top stories in technology in 2009, including Windows 7 launch, Gary McKinnon's extradition to the USA and the release of Google Chrome.


 Windows 7 - new features

Gary McKinnon loses appeal against extradition

Googe Chrome OS review


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Video: Computer Geekly Weekly - The biggest stories of the year in tech

Hermione: Hello. I am Santa's Little Helper. Welcome to
Computer Geeky's Christmas Weekly.
There have been so many huge stories in tech this year;
it is hard to pick out the best ones. The whole world
has started communicating in 140 characters or less,
SuBo went global, being the number one video viewed
on YouTube, and the president of the United States got
down with the kids and used social media to get into
the White House, to name a few. We have only got
time for three here today, so here is our top three
stories in tech this year.

At number 3: Windows 7 launched, and had the wonderful
idea that its fans would have Windows 7 launch parties to
celebrate the launch of the operating system. Do not forget,
if you are partying hard at a Windows 7 party, play it safe
and do not forget your firewall to protect yourself from any
unwanted viruses in your private files.

Number 2: Convicted hacker Gary McKinnon faces being
extradited to the USA after hacking into US defense systems.
Eventually, he will be extradited. We are on the umpteenth
appeal now, so it looks like old Gary will still be here for Chrimbo,
despite the Home Secretary rejecting his latest appeal on
health grounds.

Number 1: Google has launched its own operating system,
Google Chrome OS, then there was Google Wave, then
there was Google Goggles, and then there was something else,
I am sure. Apparently, there is supposed to be a Google phone,
too. World domination, what next?
That is it for 2009. A big kiss and thank you for watching.
I will see you in the new year, but just before we go,
if Facebook groups are anything to go by, you will be
unwrapping your Christmas presents on Christmas Day and
scoffing down mince pies too.

Woman 1: Wait a bit. Sorry. We of needed to get rid that,
because that has suddenly that turned into something
that we were not expecting.

Woman 2: We were expecting it, and asked them not to do it,
and they did it anyway. Buy Joe's records.

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