Video: Computer Geekly - CES, Iranian president's website hacked, IMDB ban

The Computer Geekly weekly news round-up video is brought to you - with its tongue in its cheek - by Hermione Way.

Featured stories this week include:

Photos from CES 2010 - The Consumer Electronics Show - Gadgets to rock your world

Michael Jackson fans hack Iranian president's website

Google declares cyber war on China after security attack


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Video: Computer Geekly - CES, Iranian president's website hacked, IMDB ban

Happy 2010. Welcome to Computer Geekly's Weekly,
bringing you the hottest stories in tech, from the past week.

Number 3: First up is the Consumer Electronic Show 2010.
CS is the biggest technology show in the world. Held in Las
Vagas, companies use the show to showcase their products
for the coming year. Highlights were Microsoft's Steve Ballmer
unveiling HP Slate PC, Samsung's transparent screen laptop,
and of course, Google's Nexus 1 phone, which is being billed
as a iPhone killer. For more information and gadget reviews,
go to the Inspect a Gadget blog.

Number 2: Michael Jackson fans have hacked the Iranian
President's website. Hackers attacked the website of the
Iranian President, Mohammad Ahmadinejad on Tuesday,
redirecting visitors to a plea of God from a Michael Jackson fan.

Dear God, in 2009, you took my favorite singer, Michael Jackson,
my favorite actress, Farah Fawcett, my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze,
my favorite voice, Nada. Please do not forget my favorite politician,
Ahmadinejad, and my favorite dictator, Khamenei in the year 2010.
Thank you.

I just wanted to stop eating chocolates for 2010.
Maybe I am not aiming high enough.

Number 1: Google has since stopped filtering search results in China,
after a security attack on human rights activists in the country.
Google, along with at least 20 other companies, were the target
of a highly sophisticated attack on its corporate infrastructure in December.
The latest site being blocked by China is iMDb, which means the
DVD piracy market will find it hard to export cheap knock-offs.

Oh my god, I like, totally got these amazing movies from China. Kill Phil,
The Devil Wears Reebok, PS I Hate You, and Fannie.

That is it for this week. Thank you for watching, I will see you next week.
I am Hermione Way, and this is Computer Geekly's Weekly.


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