UKtech50: Phil Pavitt, How to transform your IT estate without capital investment

Computer Weekly hosted an event at the Science Museum in London to coincide with the announcement of the UKtech50 list of the most influential people in UK IT. We invited top IT leaders to share their great ideas for how to innovate with IT, influence the role of technology in their organisation, and inspire their peers. This video is one of a series of the speakers talking to the audience of IT leaders.

In this presentation, Phil Pavitt will explain how HMRC’s IT Transformation Programme is making one of the UK’s largest IT estates modern, cost effective and sustainable, whilst saving £131m per year running costs.

Phil Pavitt – CIO and Director General for Change, HM Revenue & Customs
Phil Pavitt, Director General for Change and CIO of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is responsible for one of the UK’s most complex and extensive IT operations that touches every single individual, family and business in the UK. Phil is responsible for delivering many of the familiar tax systems combined with UK’s critical customs systems that provided UK PLC with £468.9bn in 2010/11. Phil has combined his IT leadership role with key additional corporate
responsibilities including chairman of HMRC’s Change Delivery Committee, HMRC lead on process re-engineering and Government lead on IT for Smarter Government.

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