UKtech50: John Seglias, Stop worrying – and love consumer products!

Computer Weekly hosted an event at the Science Museum in London to coincide with the announcement of the UKtech50 list of the most influential people in UK IT. We invited top IT leaders to share their great ideas for how to innovate with IT, influence the role of technology in their organisation, and inspire their peers. This video is one of a series of the speakers talking to the audience of IT leaders.

In a not-too-distant past, the mere suggestion of allowing consumer products into the enterprise would result in CIOs and their staff breaking into a cold sweat. All sorts of barriers for consumer products at work would be erected: information security policies, non-standardised IT support issues, security incompatibilities. John Seglias was one of those CIOs—but he has “seen the light.” In this presentation, Seglias re-emerges as an advocate for consumer devices as the IT department’s allies in the move towards a brighter future where network infrastructures are thrown in the skip, LAN security is forgotten and organisations embrace the “noffice”.

John Seglias – EMEA CIO, Ipsos & BCS ELITE Chairman
John Seglias is the CIO for the EMEA region at Ipsos, an independent company which ranks third among global research organisations. John’s geographical responsibility covers 45 countries across 3 continents, and he leads a team of 200+ IT professionals covering software development, operations and user support, infrastructure, telecoms, and security and compliance. His primary responsibility is to support Ipsos' growth and profitability strategy through technology enablement.

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