UKtech50: Adam Thilthorpe on the most influential people in UK IT

Computer Weekly has launched the second annual UKtech50, the definitive list of the real movers and shakers in UK IT - the CIOs, industry executives, public servants and business leaders driving the creation of a high-tech economy. The UKtech50 list will be decided by a judging panel representing every area of the UK IT profession – and this year we also asked readers to vote on who they think should top the list.

The judging panel has been chosen to represent different perspectives within IT – so each individual is acting both as an impartial and expert judge, as well as an advocate for their area of interest.

In this UKtech video, judge Adam Thilthorpe gives his views on the state of UK IT and the role of IT leaders in the UK economy.


Read the full transcript from this video below:

UKtech50: Adam Thilthorpe on the most influential people in UK IT

Adam Thilthorpe: I think the reality is that IT already is the major
power behind the UK economy. IT is ubiquitous and IT is innovation
and competitive advantage. The question to ask is really whether
or not you are in front of the IT curve or behind it. If you are in
front of the curve, I think you will see a land full of opportunities.
If you are behind it, there are very disruptive threats out there
even to the most mature of marketplaces, and that is private
section, public section, or whatever it is.

Influence, IT leaders are able to influence the business
and the organization that they work for. They understand
completely what the organization is trying to achieve and
are able to exploit the IT assets within their organization
to achieve those aims and advise as to the best strategies
going forward. They are total business partners and they
are the ones that are going to drive their organization forward,
provide it with a means to differentiate and compete against
other players in that sector, and are absolutely going to be the
stars of the future. If you want to be the chief executive,
these days, you need to have technology skills.

Well I think it is very important for the IT profession to
have role models. We need to understand what success
looks like in IT, because IT is ubiquitous. We need the
best and the brightest; we need the most talented people
continuously coming into this profession. We need to
clearly articulate what success looks like for IT leaders,
and show that you can really reap the benefits of a
career in IT and really get to the top. There is no glass
ceiling now for really good IT leaders.

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