Top 10 project management trends of 2013 - #4

Large projects pose unique challenges that are increasingly tough to overcome. Size does matter, and when it comes to large projects—the ones that run into the hundreds of millions of dollars—the impact and interplay of downsizing, complexity, and outsourcing are the “one, two, three strikes you’re out” challenges that organisations face. Projects in engineering procurement and construction. management (EPCM), oil and gas exploration, major weapons systems development, and large transportation initiatives often involve major outsourcing of work. Many of these projects include thousands of people as well as impressive levels of technical complexity that few companies are successful in managing. Organisations that engage in such outsourcing struggle because they have lost the in-house expertise to monitor the level of quality being delivered. Contractors are calling the shots because they both design and develop/construct their own work. As a result, in 2013 we will see more organizations build up their in-house expertise to ensure their contractors are doing the job right.

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