Top 10 project management trends of 2013 - #10

Organisations will adopt Agile to accelerate time to market but what they ultimately achieve may be a different story. Agile methods, when practiced by trained professionals on the “right” projects in the “right” organisations, have the potential to boost performance in a variety of ways. However, the top benefit derived from adopting Agile (i.e., ability to manage changing priorities) is not the same top reason organisations adopt Agile in the first place; they do so to accelerate time to market. Should this cause an organisation to rethink its use of Agile? Not at all. A recent study by VersionOne showed that accelerating time to market came in fifth in a rank order of benefits. So, even though accelerating time to market is not number one in outcomes, there’s still plenty of evidence Agile can do what its proponents claim it does. With more and more organisations adopting Agile, their expectations will simply need to be in line with reality.

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