The future for CIOs: Deloitte’s Kevin Walsh on IT leadership

The video reveals the emergence of three distinct types of CIOs, and offers encouragement to CIOs can take control of their careers and move from one CIO role to another, depending on the needs of their organisation. Kevin Walsh, global head of technology consulting at Deloitte draws on the findings of Deloitte’s 2015 global CIO survey, creating legacy.

The research was completed by 1,200 technology leaders, in 42 countries, and includes interviews with prominent CIOs. Deloitte's study found CIOs have built up stronger leadership skills in recent years, but many feel they want to improve their leadership skills further. Walsh offers advice on the key areas to improve – influencing stakeholders, better communications, and developing a strategic view of how disruptive technology can help their particular businesses. "It's never been a better time to be an IT leader," he says.

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