The Outsourcing Foundation set up by the London School of Economics

A new independent authority on outsourcing – the Outsourcing Foundation – has been formed by the London School of Economics. It’s a place where thinking and brainstorming can be done before critical decisions are made. The Foundation’s research builds on 15 years of research into the outsourcing practices of more than 1,200 organisations. With help from the Outsourcing Foundation, member organisations can, for example, help to solve problems on outsourcing without relying on consultants that may have a vested interest in being commissioned to do further work.

In this video, Leslie Willcocks, Professor in Information Systems at the London School of Economics and a director of The Outsourcing Foundation, talks about why it has been set up and what it will do for organisations have outsourced or are considering it. Leslie Willcocks also gives his views on outsourcing trends.

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