Stuart Birrell, Heathrow Airport: Innovation beyond the tech arena

Most companies now have some form of innovation team and capability, usually focused around deployment of technology. However, the real long-lasting value is when the wider business starts to adopt the mindset and approach of innovation to drive change. Heathrow is expanding innovation beyond the technology focus into the wider business to start to address the huge challenges posed by expansion and running the current two-runway operation with even more passengers. Heathrow CIO Stuart Birrell talks about how the organisation is approaching this task and the early benefits and opportunities.

Birrell joined Heathrow Airport as CIO in 2015 from McLaren Technology Group, leading the transformation of Heathrow to implement the emerging digital, big data and automation capabilities through innovation, skills and organisation planning. From his early career in various engineering and operations roles he transitioned into IT in 2001. Since then he has held IT leadership roles across several industries.

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