Liam Maxwell: How the UK government is supporting British Technology

Liam Maxwell, national technology adviser, HM Government, gave the opening keynote presentation at Computer Weekly’s 50th anniversary celebration on September 14.

He said: “Thank you Computer Weekly for being open about when things have worked and when it hasn’t and what we can learn."

Maxwell said it was often hard to get aperspective of the future right and government often made big strategic moves that did not work

Running 2.2 bn transactions a year in government is not that big given the transaction volumes handled on the web today.

Speaking of his experience of government IT, Maxwell recalled a session AWS’ chief, Werner Vogels gave to government CTOs a few years back. “We got Werner Vogels to come in to Whitehall to talk about what the cloud was; how you could rent rather than buy. One of the old guard said to another, ‘this is really good. We should build one of these.’”

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