Lancaster and Newcastle researchers tackle Met Police email challenge

Security researchers from Lancaster and Newcastle universities have collaborated on a challenge set by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to collect crowdsourced images from major incidents.

During the Boston Marathon on 15 April 2013, two bombs killed three people and injured 264 others. Thousands of spectators attended the marathon, taking photographs and videos on smartphones and digital cameras.

According to the Met Police, this volume of images and video has huge potential for investigators following a major incident or terrorist attack.

The MPS uses email for collecting such data from the public, but email attachments are limited to less than 20MB.

During an agile security challenge event in London, the Met Police asked four teams of researchers to look at an alternative approach to handling crowdsourced images.

The MPS is also looking at how it can collect additional metadata – such as longitude, latitude, direction and time – from images and videos submitted by the public.

In this video, Computer Weekly speaks to representatives from Lancaster and Newcastle universities and the Met Police about the agile security challenge.

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