Influential women in IT: Sue Black, The GoTo Foundation

Sue Black—Creator of the Save Bletchley Park Campaign and The <go to> Foundation

Computer says YES!

Computer Weekly recently hosted an event to celebrate the most influential women in UK IT. We invited some of the top female IT role models in the UK to discuss the role of women in developing the UK's high-tech economy. This video is one of a series of the speakers talking to the audience of female IT leaders.

In this talk, academic and campaigner Sue Black talks about how technology is important for everyone, not just “geeks”. She also talks about her work at the <go to> Foundation, a new organisation set up to promote technology as a vital part of our society and our economy.

Dr Sue Black is a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Computer Science at University College London. Sue sits on Council for the British Computer Society and the UK Foreign Secretary’s group on freedom of expression. Keen to champion women in computing Sue set up the BCSWomen online network in 2001. Passionate about computer science and its benefit to individuals, organisations and the economy Sue has recently set up a non-profit organisation called The <goto> Foundation. She has also been instrumental in championing fundraising for Bletchley Park.

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