IBM uses analytics at Wimbledon to track players' performance

IBM is providing Wimbledon with business analytics to help players improve the chance of winning their next game.

The "bunker", underneath the stands, houses a data centre complex, where all the data from each player is collated. 

Alan Flack, Wimbledon programme executive, said, “Tennis is a sport that’s driven by statistics and numbers and relies on data.”

SlamTracker is a piece of software that shows how a player performs during the tournament. 

James, Lloyd, IBM business analytics consultant, said, “We look at how a player has performed at the tournament relative to their statistics. But what we have never been able to do is to provide players with what they need to do to have the best chance of winning their next match against a particular opponent, and that's what SlamTracker delivers."

SecondSight is another piece of software, used on Centre Court to track the movement of player using four cameras that can see the whole of the court. The feed from these cameras is analyses frame by frame on a computer to provide the tracking data.

Alexandra Willis, Aeltc, (All England Lawn Tennis Club) editorial content manager, said, “IBM provides a range of analytics and statistics for Players also benefit from analytics. Andy Murray always picks up his stats sheet after a match.”

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