Google Glass recruitment: conducting an interview

This video shows how Google Glass could be used to conduct an interview in the near future.

The video demonstrates how Google Glass can be integrated into everyday life, from viewing synced calendars, to alerts and reminders. During the interview, the interviewer uses Google Glass to set up a Google Hangout with other managers who can’t attend the meeting. The other managers are able to send written questions to the interviewer who can read them through the Glass and then ask the candidate.

But this video obviously brings up issues of privacy and security - the candidate would have to agree to the interviewer wearing the glass in the first place.

The video was produced by AIA Worldwide, a tech-enabled recruitment advertising agency, which specialises in science, technology, mathematics and engineering recruitment. 

The company uses software, advertising and creativity to develop and deploy client brands across digital, social and mobile platforms to connect candidates with employers.

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For me personally, Google Glass and any "augmented reality" product being worn and recorded by another party (or even myself, for that matter, will always have an element of "creepy factor" to me. The thought that people could be watching and feeding in comments or details without the person being interviewed fully knowing it or having a chance to interact with that information is key to me.