Digital Question Time: How will the next government support the emerging tech startup sector

In this video the panellists discuss how the UK can improve the way it supports tech startups.

Liberal Democrat spokesman Julian Huppert argues that the UK is not good at dealing with failures of startups. He says: "I have issues with VCs that do not get it - we are not good at failure - we need a low-risk environment so tech companies can fail."

Labour shadow Cabinet Office minister for digital government Chi Onwurah says she would like to see greater support to help companies develop to the next level: "There is a big gap in the second stage, for mid-cap investment.” She said there was a knowledge gap and the government needed to do more to promote more knowledgeable capital."

While UK minister for culture and the digital economy Ed Vaizey says: "It has taken a while to realise but it is about money. Look at Mark Zuckerberg. What type of VC (venture capitalist) in the UK would punt £100m at a Facebook?"

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