CW500: Skills and sourcing trends for successful IT strategy

Once upon a time, IT decision-makers were said to never be sacked for buying from their favourite big supplier. Today, the scope of potential technologies, skills and suppliers needed for a successful IT strategy have grown, seemingly exponentially. From on-premise to private to public cloud; from outsourcing, offshoring or bringing skills back in-house; and from systems integrators to SMEs to tech startups – the multitude of choices itself is a challenge for IT leaders. In this CW500 Club video, Brendan O'Rourke, CIO at Telefonica UK, Steve Nathan, HR director for technology at DWP,  Louise McCarthy, director of IT transformation at EBRD and Andrew Spence, pre-sales director enterprise UK at Sage discuss the challenges of getting the right skills and sourcing mix to deliver sustainable business innovation.

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