CW500: IT at British Airways – how to do even more with even less

“If the mood around IT in the airline industry in 2009 was about ‘doing even more with even less’, then in 2010 it is, ‘how do you grow revenues, delight customers and still do even more with even less’.”

That quote sums up the challenges faced over the past two years by British Airways CIO Paul Coby. Before the recession, technology had been at the heart of BA’s transformation, revolutionising the role of IT across the industry by pioneering initiatives such as e-ticketing and online check-in.

But when the credit crunch hit, Coby had to cut his IT budget by about 20% almost overnight. Since then, BA has faced its worst ever slump in business, reported record losses, and faced major industrial action. As a result, the demands on Coby’s team have increased even more.

In this CW500 Club video, Coby talks to Computer Weekly editor in chief Bryan Glick about how he met such a unique set of challenges.


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