Women in IT presentation, Liz Bacon, past-president, BCS

Liz Bacon, past-president at BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT discusses why the core messages around women in IT are failing to get through, how other countries do better and why we need to refocus our attention back to the source of the problem.

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It's difficult to really gauge whether that predicted shortage of IT professionals (or "e-leaders") will really take place. I believe that the market will probably end up correcting itself to some extent; as demand goes up, so will offered salaries, which will make those jobs more attractive. I know that statistically, women typically care less about money when it comes to their choice of career fields, but for me personally it was definitely an important factor.
Salary is a big concern lots of women in IT are self supporting and need to get the 1.00 vs the .75 on the dollar. Two other issues that are supporting the ability to get into IT jobs being outsourced to other countries that will pay .30 to .50 on the dollar and the fact that there are men who feel that they dont want to work with a female that can do the job and or do it better than them when they arent trying to misinform them of what is needed.