Women in IT: Ann Brown, Capgemini

The IT industry is missing out on female talent in two significant ways. Firstly through the number of women who are qualified but who choose to work in a different sector and secondly by young women opting out of studying related subjects in schools and universities due to not understanding the breadth of the industry. Ann Brown discusses Capgemini’s activities promoting technology as a career through its apprentice schemes and inviting schoolgirls into the office for a day.

Ann Brown is UK Human Resources Director for Capgemini and has been with the company since 2001. Ann has responsibility for the provision of all HR services to the UK business and for the shared services activity delivered both from UK and India for global business lines. She has undergone substantial employee transformation programmes merging with 3 legacy organisations and additionally absorbing significant numbers of employees into an integrated workforce through winning major Outsource contracts.

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Sure, there are smart and capable women out there who could choose to work in IT, but don't. I can't necessarily say that I believe that's a mistake. The pay is pretty decent and IT positions are always in demand. That's great, but there are some disadvantages to working in IT as well. I have never felt like I particularly fit in with the culture in IT in my organization.