Video interview: Tibco's analytics chief on the role of BI automation

Brian Gentile, senior vice president and general manager at Tibco's analytics product group believes there are two equally important angles to consumerising analytics.

He says: "The first is genuine self service so that the tools today can be used by far more people." People also need analytics to be brought to them inside the business applications they are already using. "Analytics becomes a thing that you do, not a place where you go," he says.

According to Gentile the business intelligence sector is heading to where an automated personal intermediary could one day work as an agent looking for analytics in line with the user's needs, matching up questions the BI user is likely to pose with data sets that are available. Such agents could work using natural language queries as in the Siri and Cortana voice-based user interfaces on Apple and Windows devices. They could use text-based natural language input or simply present finding on the user's personal BI portal.

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