Video: How Amadeus runs its global operations

In this interview, Wolfgang Krips of Amadeus speaks to Computer Weekly's Cliff Saran about the skills required to run a major European datacentre.

Krips heads up global operations at Amadeus, which runs a global distribution system for ticketing used by the travel industry. The European site, located in Erding just outside Munich, is a 24-by-seven mission critical environment. Any failure will have a knock-on impact across the whole travel industry from booking tickets to checking in and even getting aircraft off the ground.

He says: "Everything in the datacentre is redundant such as power and cooling." The site is also fully self-sufficient should the power grid fail, and can operate up to three days if there is a loss of electricity. "The facility is built on three independent datacentres, with N+1 redundancy."

Human error is a significant factor that must be considered when running any datacentre, especially one where downtime will have a global impact. "We have highly educated and very skilled people who understand the systems they operate. We put them within a process framework where we use checklists in order to make sure nothing is overlooked." There is also a huge amount of datacentre automation to minimise service disruptions.


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